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I am a recently graduated Master's student with a passion for diversity and female representation in media, history, and storytelling. 

My academic research explores the gaze; specifically how (re)framing the ways we conceptualize gaze theory opens academic and popular discourse to people who have been left in the margins of the hegemonic record: primarily female, queer, and non-western peoples. My most recent work interrogated the transforming notions of the female gaze regarding costume dramas, historical biopics, and feminist film theory.

Aside from my academic interests, I can usually be found watching films with my dog, reading in the garden with my cat, writing adventure stories, or making historical costumes. In a non-pandemic world, I teach and attend salsa classes, have lived in four countries, and adore meandering through museums. In my pandemic 'free-time', I like to hula hoop, practice Spanish on Duolingo, and play the Merlin Dulcimer. Currently, I am working on a cultural equity project for the Academy, writing a book about pirates, and sewing a 16th-century gown. 

I'm a historiographer, filmmaker, storyteller,


feminist theorist. 

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